About Us

Westlake Brewing Company is dedicated to providing a variety of unique, full flavored, drinkable beers using the highest quality ingredients. Our inspiration comes from continually striving to create the best product through innovation and quality delivering the freshest beer to our patrons. The culmination of WBC’s craft beer and craft soda coupled with the edgy industrial feel of Westlake Brewing Company’s tap room, complete with old-school pinball machines and a regulation shuffle board table, create a family friendly atmosphere. Live entertainment begins in the early evening and features Southern California’s best local talent.

Our Brewmasters

Donovan Nebreklievski

Growing up in the liquor business, Donovan was on top of all the craft beer trends happening in the late 80’s. After a brewery trip in 1993 to Northern California to some of the founding craft beers in California, he knew that good quality flavorful beer was the future.

Alex Samovitz

Growing up in Bakersfield California, Alex Samovitz developed an appreciation for homemade spirits and craft beer. Throughout his collage tenure, Alex developed and refined home brew recipes that excited even the most sophisticated craft beer enthusiasts. After graduating California State Northridge, Alex accepted a position managing one of the largest homebrew suppliers in Southern California and became a member of the world renowned Maltose Falcons. During his mentorship with the nationally recognized, John Aitchison, Alex perfected his stylistic approach to developing a wide range craft beer from lagers to stouts. As the Co-Brew Master of Westlake Brewing Company, Alex offers his 6 flagship craft beers with plans to offer 6 additional holiday and special release brews.